Commit 97df13c6 authored by Daniel P. Berrange's avatar Daniel P. Berrange

Require rpcgen/libtirpc

Signed-off-by: 's avatarDaniel P. Berrange <>
parent 03b96a57
......@@ -32,6 +32,10 @@ BuildRequires: libselinux-devel
BuildRequires: glib2-devel >= 2.32.0
BuildRequires: xz-devel >= 5.0.0, xz-static
BuildRequires: zlib-devel >= 1.2.0, zlib-static
%if 0%{fedora} > 27
BuildRequires: libtirpc-devel
BuildRequires: rpcgen
Requires: rpm-python
# For virsh lxc-enter-namespace command
Requires: libvirt-client >= %{libvirt_version}
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