Commit 72a4eeeb authored by Daniel P. Berrange's avatar Daniel P. Berrange

Update for 0.1.0 release

parent 268b3754
libvirt Sandbox News
0.1.0 2012-08-10
- ABI+API incompatible with previous library, so new soname
- Some changes to CLI args for virt-sandbox command
- Many fixes to virt-sandbox-service
- Use /run/libvirt-sandbox instead of /root/.cache/libvirt
when run as root
- Fix typo setting RUNDIR
- Re-add /kernel suffix to kmod search dir
- Add APIs to select kernel version
- Fix SEGV when attaching consoles to NULL stdin
- Add logrotate script for virt-sandbox-service
- Turn GVirSandboxConsole into an abstract class
- Configurable keysequence for breaking out of console
(defaults to Ctrl+])
- Fix handling of strace debugging
- Add APIs to select kmod directory prefix
- Require glib >= 2.32
- Refactor APIs for configuring sandbox mounts
- Maintain a single sorted list of mounts
- Add support for RAM filesystems
- Setup tmpfs for /run and /tmp in sandbox services
- Remove need to provide executable for sandbox services,
just rely on systemd unit filename
- Enable admin customization of systemd services in sandbox
- Rewrite part of virt-sandbox-service in C to reduce
long term memory overhead
- Create custom systemd startup sequence
0.0.3 2012-04-13
AC_INIT(libvirt-sandbox, 0.0.3)
AC_INIT(libvirt-sandbox, 0.1.0)
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