Commit 4d9094bb authored by Daniel P. Berrange's avatar Daniel P. Berrange

Update to 0.0.3 release

parent 58fc102f
libvirt Sandbox News
0.0.3 2012-04-13
- Ensure root/config filesystems are readonly in KVM
- Add support for mounting host disk images in guests
- Add support for binding guest filesystems to new locations
- Add support for an optional interactive shell for debugging
or administrative purposes
- Add a virt-sandbox-service script for preparing sandboxes
for system services, integrating with systemd
- Misc compiler warning fixes
- Replace invocation of insmod with direct syscalls
- Refactor API to separate interactive sandbox functionality
from base class & service sandbox functionality
- Rewrite host/guest I/O handling to separate stdout from
stderr correctly, improve reliability of startup/shutdown
handshakes and propagate exit status back to host
- Exec away the first hypervisor specific init process,
so generic init process get PID 1
- Turn on reboot-on-panic in KVM to ensure guest exists on
fatal problems
0.0.2 2012-01-12
- Add ability to attach to an existing sandbox
- Update to require libvirt-gobject 0.0.4
......@@ -10,5 +33,6 @@
- Switch to use /etc/libvirt-sandbox/scratch for config
0.0.1 2012-01-11
- First release
......@@ -27,7 +27,8 @@ Or to install into a private user specific location
The following mandatory dependancies are required in order to
build libvirt-sandbox
libvirt-glib >= 0.0.3
libvirt-glib >= 0.0.7
libvirt >= 0.9.11
glib2 >= 2.28.0
AC_INIT(libvirt-sandbox, 0.0.2)
AC_INIT(libvirt-sandbox, 0.0.3)
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