Commit 2fa753fb authored by Daniel P. Berrange's avatar Daniel P. Berrange

Update for 0.5.1 release

Signed-off-by: 's avatarDaniel P. Berrange <>
parent 6f145fe4
libvirt Sandbox News
0.5.1 - "Cholistan" - 2013-11-18
- Fix path to systemd binary (prefers dir /lib/systemd not /bin)
- Remove obsolete commands from virt-sandbox-service man page
- Fix delete of running service container
- Allow use of custom root dirs with 'virt-sandbox --root DIR'
- Fix 'upgrade' command for virt-sandbox-service generic services
- Fix logrotate script to use virsh for listing sandboxed services
- Add 'inherit' option for virt-sandbox '-s' security context
option, to auto-copy calling process' context
- Remove non-existant '-S' option froom virt-sandbox-service man
- Fix line break formatting of man page
- Mention LIBVIRT_DEFAULT_URI in virt-sandbox-service man page
- Check some return values in libvirt-sandbox-init-qemu
- Remove unused variables
- Fix crash with partially specified mount option string
- Add man page docs for 'ram' mount type
- Avoid close of un-opened file descriptor
- Fix leak of file handles in init helpers
- Log a message if sandbox cleanup fails
- Cope with domain being missing when deleting container
- Improve stack trace diagnostics in virt-sandbox-service
- Fix virt-sandbox-service content copying code when faced with
non-regular files.
- Improve error reporting if kernel does not exist
- Allow kernel version/path/kmod to be set with virt-sandbox
- Don't overmount '/root' in QEMU sandboxes by default
- Fix nosuid / nodev mount options for tmpfs
- Force 9p2000.u protocol version to avoid QEMU bugs
- Fix cleanup when failing to start interactive sandbox
- Create copy of kernel from /boot to allow relabelling
- Bulk re-indent of code
- Avoid crash when gateway is missing in network options
- Fix symlink target created in
- Add '-p PATH' option for virt-sandbox-service clone/delete
to match 'create' command option.
- Only allow 'lxc:///' URIs with virt-sandbox-service
until further notice
- Rollback state if cloning a service sandbox fails
- Add more kernel modules instead of assuming they are
all builtins
- Don't complain if some kmods are missing, as they may
be builtins
- Allow --mount to be repeated with virt-sandbox-service
0.5.0 - "Sahara Desert" - 2013-08-01
AC_INIT(libvirt-sandbox, 0.5.0)
AC_INIT(libvirt-sandbox, 0.5.1)
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ Africa
Cholistan – a desert in Pakistan
0.5.1 Cholistan – a desert in Pakistan
Dasht-i-Margo SW afganistani
Gobi – a desert in Mongolia and China
Indus Valley Desert – a desert located in Pakistan
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