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    virt-sandbox-image: switch to use URI to identify templates · 2ff25050
    Daniel P. Berrange authored
    Currently the CLI syntax is somewhat docker specific requiring
    inclusion of --registry arg to identify the docker download
    server. Other app containers have a notion of download server,
    but don't separate it from the template name.
    This patch removes that docker-ism by changing to use a URI
    for identifying the template image. So instead of
      virt-sandbox-image download \
          --source docker --registry index.docker.io
          --username dan --password 123456 ubuntu:15.04
    You can use
      virt-sandbox-image download docker://dan:123456@index.docker.io/ubuntu?tag=15.04
    The only mandatory part is the source prefix and image name, so
    that can shorten to just
      virt-sandbox-image download docker:///ubuntu
    to pull down the latest ubuntu image, from the default registry
    using no authentication.
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