Commit 9d9e2513 authored by Doug Goldstein's avatar Doug Goldstein

setup: Use user requested python binary

When is kicked off with a python interpreter other than the
system 'python', (e.g. python2.7 build) the build process would
switch to 'python' and not use python2.7 as requested by the user. We
should always respect the user requested python interpreter and use it.
parent 4fe99943
......@@ -122,10 +122,10 @@ class my_build(build):
def run(self):
apis = get_api_xml_files()
self.spawn(["python", "", "libvirt", apis[0]])
self.spawn(["python", "", "libvirt-qemu", apis[1]])
self.spawn([sys.executable, "", "libvirt", apis[0]])
self.spawn([sys.executable, "", "libvirt-qemu", apis[1]])
if have_libvirt_lxc:
self.spawn(["python", "", "libvirt-lxc", apis[2]])
self.spawn([sys.executable, "", "libvirt-lxc", apis[2]])
......@@ -267,7 +267,7 @@ class my_test(Command):
apis = get_api_xml_files()
self.spawn(["python", "", self.build_platlib, apis[0]])
self.spawn([sys.executable, "", self.build_platlib, apis[0]])
class my_clean(clean):
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