Commit 389cc9d0 authored by Philipp Hahn's avatar Philipp Hahn Committed by Michal Privoznik

Add daemon to list of shutdown reasons

Add the support to work with libvirt commit 66a85cb13.
Signed-off-by: Philipp Hahn's avatarPhilipp Hahn <>
parent 8f745819
......@@ -497,7 +497,7 @@ DOM_EVENTS = Description(
("Started", ("Booted", "Migrated", "Restored", "Snapshot", "Wakeup")),
("Suspended", ("Paused", "Migrated", "IOError", "Watchdog", "Restored", "Snapshot", "API error", "Postcopy", "Postcopy failed")),
("Resumed", ("Unpaused", "Migrated", "Snapshot", "Postcopy")),
("Stopped", ("Shutdown", "Destroyed", "Crashed", "Migrated", "Saved", "Failed", "Snapshot")),
("Stopped", ("Shutdown", "Destroyed", "Crashed", "Migrated", "Saved", "Failed", "Snapshot", "Daemon")),
("Shutdown", ("Finished", "On guest request", "On host request")),
("PMSuspended", ("Memory", "Disk")),
("Crashed", ("Panicked",)),
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