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......@@ -9,6 +9,22 @@ Make sure to have `libvirt-dev` package (or the development files otherwise some
The libvirt go package provides API coverage for libvirt versions
from 1.2.0 onwards, through conditional compilation of newer APIs.
## Development status
The Go API is considered to be production ready and aims to be kept
stable across future versions. Note, however, that the following
changes may apply to future versions:
* Existing structs can be augmented with new fields, but no existing
fields will be changed / removed. New fields are needed when libvirt
defines new typed parameters for various methods
* Any method with an 'flags uint32' parameter will have its parameter
type changed to a specific typedef, if & when the libvirt API defines
constants for the flags. To avoid breakage, always pass a literal
'0' to any 'flags uint32' parameter, since this will auto-cast to
any future typedef that is introduced.
## Documentation
* [api documentation for the bindings](
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