Commit 078178a5 authored by Roman Mohr's avatar Roman Mohr Committed by Daniel P. Berrange

Pass NULL to virDomainOpenConsole if dvename is an empty string

In order to let libvirt select the first available serial console, NULL
needs to be passed in. If an empty string is passsed in, libvirt tries
to find a console with that name instead.
parent 8147ec24
......@@ -4074,8 +4074,11 @@ func (d *Domain) OpenChannel(name string, stream *Stream, flags DomainChannelFla
func (d *Domain) OpenConsole(devname string, stream *Stream, flags DomainConsoleFlags) error {
cdevname := C.CString(devname)
var cdevname *C.char
if devname != "" {
cdevname = C.CString(devname)
ret := C.virDomainOpenConsole(d.ptr, cdevname, stream.ptr, C.uint(flags))
if ret == -1 {
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