Commit fd645627 authored by Nessun's avatar Nessun

Merge branch 'fix/duplicated_RelatedArticles' into 'master'

Fix the problem where RelatedArticles is shown twice

See merge request !105
parents c343f162 e496f8f6
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......@@ -78,16 +78,14 @@ class LibertyTemplate extends BaseTemplate {
<article class="mw-body-content">
<?php $this->html( 'bodycontent' ); ?>
<div class="liberty-footer">
if ( $this->data['dataAfterContent'] ) {
$this->html( 'dataAfterContent' );
<div class="liberty-footer">
<div class="read-more-container post-content">
<div class="bottom-ads"></div>
<?php $this->footer(); ?>
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