Commit aad6020a authored by Jack Phoenix's avatar Jack Phoenix Committed by Hoto Cocoa


parent 291f188a
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......@@ -9,10 +9,16 @@
"liberty-btn-close": "Close",
"liberty-btn-save-changes": "Save changes",
"liberty-desc": "Default skin of Libre Wiki.",
"liberty-facebook": "Facebook",
"liberty-forgot-pw": "Forgot your password?",
"liberty-login": "Login",
"liberty-login-btn": "Login",
"liberty-purge": "Purge",
"liberty-recent-discussions": "Recent discussions",
"liberty-remember": "Remember my login",
"liberty-tooltip-purge": "Purge the cache of this page.",
"liberty-twitter": "Twitter",
"liberty-view-more": "View more",
"liberty-warning": "Warning",
"liberty-warning-text": "Enter your username and password correctly.",
"liberty.css": "/* CSS placed here will affect users of the Liberty skin */",
......@@ -7,10 +7,16 @@
"skinname-liberty": "리버티",
"liberty-desc": "리브레 위키의 기본스킨입니다.",
"liberty-facebook": "페이스북",
"liberty-forgot-pw": "비밀번호를 잊으셨나요?",
"liberty-login": "로그인",
"liberty-login-btn": "로그인",
"liberty-purge": "갱신",
"liberty-recent-discussions": "최근토론",
"liberty-remember": "로그인 상태를 유지하기",
"liberty-tooltip-purge": "문서 캐쉬를 새로 지정하여 문서를 불러옵니다.",
"liberty-twitter": "트위터",
"liberty-view-more": "더보기",
"liberty-warning": "경고",
"liberty-warning-text": "아이디와 비밀번호를 정확히 입력하세요.",
"liberty.css": "/* 이 CSS 설정은 리버티 스킨을 사용하는 사용자에게 적용됩니다 */",
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