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"@metadata": {
"authors": [
"skinname-liberty": "Liberty",
"liberty-desc": "[ LibreWiki]的响应式皮肤",
"liberty-facebook": "Facebook",
"liberty-facebook": "脸书",
"liberty-feed-new": "[新]",
"liberty-forgot-pw": "忘记密码?",
"liberty-login": "登录",
"liberty-login-alter": "其他方式登录",
"liberty-login-btn": "登陆",
"liberty-purge": "刷新缓存",
"liberty-purge": "清除",
"liberty-recent-discussions": "最近讨论",
"liberty-remember": "记住登陆",
"liberty-tooltip-purge": "清除此页面的缓存",
......@@ -20,9 +21,9 @@
"liberty-view-more": "查看更多",
"liberty-warning": "警告",
"liberty-warning-text": "请输入正确的用户名和密码。",
"liberty.css": "/* 这里放置的CSS将影响使用Liberty皮肤的用户 */",
"liberty.js": "/* 这里的任何JavaScript将为使用Liberty皮肤的用户加载 */",
"prefs-liberty": "Liberty皮肤",
"liberty.css": "/* 这里放置的CSS将影响使用自由皮肤的用户 */",
"liberty.js": "/* 这里的任何JavaScript将为使用自由皮肤的用户加载 */",
"prefs-liberty": "自由 皮肤",
"prefs-color": "颜色设置",
"liberty-pref-color-main": "主要颜色",
"liberty-pref-color-main-help": "本站会使用的主要颜色",
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