A pre-release of v3.1

A pre-release v3.1.
Download the fabrication files like *.stl, *.pdf (as referred in repository policy, for released models satnogs-rotator-v3_1.zip.

Draft Release notes v3.1 Draft

  • Minimize the overall size of each module
  • Motor mount is Independent from the bearing side, more robust, 3 mounting points #55
  • Worm mount, 3 mounting points more robust design #66
  • Change the distance between gears due to 3D printing tolerance #58
  • Axis sides, optimized to 3D printing more easily, change the distance between gears #63 #58
  • Encoder mount, more robust, change the distance between gears #60
  • Introduce 2D parts for more easily fabrication
  • Electronics box is placed outside of cover box so it is more accessible
  • Cover box, more cheap, weather proof, the rotator isn't interfere in RF sub-systems #53 #64
  • Better mounting of worm wheel gear #50 #46 #65
  • Change the mounting way of end-stop, changed to mechanical end-stop
  • Worm gear assembly is more robust #49 #46
  • Shaft seal update, #40 #39
  • Rationalize BOM #38 in order to minimize the cost, for example t-slots, screws
  • More documentation about assembly in wiki page #57 #59 #56 #62 #61
  • All electronics are covered in order to be weather proof
  • The axis angle now measured in the output
  • The power cable of rotator passed throw the azimuth axis