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Grizu-263A satellite decoder added

Signed-off-by: Baris DINC's avatarBaris Dinc <>
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id: grizu263a
endian: le
doc: |
:field teamid: header.teamid
:field year: header.year
:field month: header.month
:field date:
:field hour: header.hour
:field minute: header.minute
:field second: header.second
:field temp: header.temp
:field epstoobcina1_current: header.epstoobcina1_current
:field epstoobcina1_busvoltage: header.epstoobcina1_busvoltage
:field epsina2_current: header.epsina2_current
:field epsina2_busvoltage: header.epsina2_busvoltage
:field baseina3_current: header.baseina3_current
:field baseina3_busvoltage: header.baseina3_busvoltage
:field topina4_current: header.topina4_current
:field topina4_busvoltage: header.topina4_busvoltage
:field behindantenina5_current: header.behindantenina5_current
:field behindantenina5_busvoltage: header.behindantenina5_busvoltage
:field rightsideina6_current: header.rightsideina6_current
:field rightsideina6_busvoltage: header.rightsideina6_busvoltage
:field leftsideina7_current: header.leftsideina7_current
:field leftsideina7_busvoltage: header.leftsideina7_busvoltage
:field imumx: header.imumx
:field imumy: header.imumy
:field imumz: header.imumz
:field imuax: header.imuax
:field imuay: header.imuay
:field imuaz: header.imuaz
:field imugx: header.imugx
:field imugy: header.imugy
:field imugz: header.imugz
- id: header
type: header
- id: pad
size: 1
- id: teamid
type: str
size: 6
encoding: ASCII
- id: year
type: u1
- id: month
type: u1
- id: date
type: u1
- id: hour
type: u1
- id: minute
type: u1
- id: second
type: u1
- id: temp
type: s2
- id: epstoobcina1_current
type: u2
- id: epstoobcina1_busvoltage
type: u2
- id: epsina2_current
type: u2
- id: epsina2_busvoltage
type: u2
- id: baseina3_current
type: u2
- id: baseina3_busvoltage
type: u2
- id: topina4_current
type: u2
- id: topina4_busvoltage
type: u2
- id: behindantenina5_current
type: u2
- id: behindantenina5_busvoltage
type: u2
- id: rightsideina6_current
type: u2
- id: rightsideina6_busvoltage
type: u2
- id: leftsideina7_current
type: u2
- id: leftsideina7_busvoltage
type: u2
- id: imumx
type: s2
- id: imumy
type: s2
- id: imumz
type: s2
- id: imuax
type: s2
- id: imuay
type: s2
- id: imuaz
type: s2
- id: imugx
type: s2
- id: imugy
type: s2
- id: imugz
type: s2
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ from .equisat import Equisat
from .eshail2 import Eshail2
from .fox import Fox
from .grbalpha import Grbalpha
from .grizu263a import Grizu263a
from .irazu import Irazu
from .irvine import Irvine
from .iss import Iss
......@@ -102,6 +103,7 @@ __all__ = [
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