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docs: Mention installation of 'tox', describe 'tox' environments

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......@@ -61,6 +61,30 @@ Automation
``tox`` is used to automate development tasks.
To install ``tox`` run::
$ pip install tox
To execute the default list of tasks run::
$ tox
The following ``tox`` environments are available:
* ``flake8`` - Check code for common errors, coding style and complexity
* ``isort`` - Check code for correct imports order
* ``isort-apply`` - Sort imports
* ``yapf`` - Check code for correct formatting
* ``yapf-apply`` - Reformat source code
* ``pylint`` - Execute static code analysis
* ``build`` - Build source and binary distributions
* ``upload`` - Upload source and binary distributions to PyPI
* ``docs`` - Build documentation
To execute a single environment run::
$ tox -e <environment>
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