Commit 0728416f authored by Ilias Daradimos's avatar Ilias Daradimos Committed by Vasilis Tsiligiannis

Fix GPSD default value

Signed-off-by: default avatarIlias Daradimos <[email protected]>
parent db72a2cd
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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ SATNOGS_STATION_ID = _cast_or_none(int, environ.get('SATNOGS_STATION_ID', None))
SATNOGS_STATION_LAT = _cast_or_none(float, environ.get('SATNOGS_STATION_LAT', None))
SATNOGS_STATION_LON = _cast_or_none(float, environ.get('SATNOGS_STATION_LON', None))
SATNOGS_STATION_ELEV = _cast_or_none(int, environ.get('SATNOGS_STATION_ELEV', None))
GPSD_ENABLED = _cast_or_none(bool, environ.get('GPSD_ENABLED', None))
GPSD_ENABLED = bool(strtobool(environ.get('GPSD_ENABLED', 'False')))
# Output paths
SATNOGS_APP_PATH = environ.get('SATNOGS_APP_PATH', '/tmp/.satnogs')
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