Commit ccc60d5f authored by Hugh Brown's avatar Hugh Brown
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# Helical Antenna v4
What's here:
* Summary files for RHCP antenna in stl and dxf format
* Helical-434-8-RHCP.stl
* Helical-434-8-RHCP.dxf
* Summary files for LHCP antenna in stl and dxf format
* Helical-434-8-LHCP.stl
* Helical-434-8-LHCP.dxf
* Printable blueprint file for RHCP in dxf and pdf format
* Helical-434-RHCP-printBase.dxf
* Helical-434-RHCP-printBase.pdf
* Printable blueprint file for LHCP in dxf and pdf format
* Helical-434-LHCP-printBase.dxf
* Helical-434-LHCP-printBase.pdf
* 6 radial base file for plexiglass or polycarbonate base in dxf and pdf format
* Helical-434-6radialBase.dxf
* Helical-434-6radialBase.pdf
* Plexiglass or polycarbonate triangular connector files
* Helical-434-Triangle.dxf
* Helical-434-Triangle.pdf
* Cooper matching triagle
* Helical-434-CooperTriangle.dxf
* Helical-434-CooperTriangle.pdf
* Dimensions table
* Helical-434-8.xls
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