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More information can be found in our [documentation](
## What's here?
### Helical antenna designs
* `Helical/UHC lhcp` is version 1 of our Helical antenna design. It's
a left-hand circularly polarized (LHCP) antenna, and requires only
3D-printed parts (no CNC milling or laser-cutting required).
* `Helical/UHF-434-8` is version 4 of our Helical antenna design, an
8-turn Helix that can be made in either left- or right-hand
circularly polarized (RHCP) configurations. It requires a laser cutter or
water jet cutter for the plexiglass/polycarbonate supports, but is
more rigid than version 1.
* `Helical/UHF-435-8` is our latest version of the Helical antenna
design; it comes in RHCP configuration. The supports are made from
aluminum, and will require a drill press.
## License
© 2014-2015 [Libre Space Foundation](
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