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    Fix NOAA APT waterfall bandwidth · e831d815
    Patrick Dohmen authored
    The flowgraph for decoding NOAA APT images generates a waterfall with a
    bandwidth depending on the default samplerate of the SDR hardware.
    USRPB200 defaults to 500 ksps, which produces an output of 125 ksps
    after the "first_stage_decimation" which is fixed to a value of 4.
    Changing the hardware to an "rtlsdr" also changes the default
    samplerate to 1 Msps which results in a waterfall bandwidth of 250 kHz
    (+- 125 kHz). Connecting the waterfall sink behind the FFT Filter,
    which has a decimation set to match an output samplerate of 125 kHz,
    seems to be correct! This produces waterfalls with a bandwidth of
    125 kHz (+- 62,5 kHz).
    Fixes issue #128
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