1. 27 Nov, 2018 3 commits
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      Bump up version to 1.5.0 · 1afb2bae
      Manolis Surligas authored
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      Complete redesign of the BPSK decoder · 1bc575cc
      Manolis Surligas authored
      This commit implements a new approach for the BPSK AX.25 decoding. It
      seems that the GNU Radio equalizers (both CMA and LMS) are not ideal for
      bursty transmissions. After they loose 'lock', they tend to converge
      quite slow again.
      The equalizing problem is again solved using an AGC2 block. However, the
      placement of this block is quite critical. In older versions the AGC was
      placed several steps after resampling and filtering. This resulted to
      poor equalization and noise increase. Now the AGC is placed as early as
      possible when the signal has a large span.
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      Include GrVersion.cmake module so the git version can be extracted · ab022f10
      Manolis Surligas authored
      Some distros do not contain the GrVersion.cmake module so the git
      version can be applied into the gr-satnogs version reporting script.
      This commits adds this module into the project, so the build system can
      use it during project configuration.
  2. 25 Nov, 2018 2 commits
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  5. 27 Oct, 2018 2 commits
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  11. 18 Jul, 2018 9 commits
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      Fixed slating issues caused by NaN samples · 5605c4ef
      Sebastian authored
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      Connect waterfall sink in front of filter · 0064bc83
      Patrick Dohmen authored
      Connecting the waterfall sink behind the FFT Filter causes the
      waterfall to show only the filtered APT signal. Fixing this needs
      an additional resampler.
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      Fix NOAA APT waterfall bandwidth · e831d815
      Patrick Dohmen authored
      The flowgraph for decoding NOAA APT images generates a waterfall with a
      bandwidth depending on the default samplerate of the SDR hardware.
      USRPB200 defaults to 500 ksps, which produces an output of 125 ksps
      after the "first_stage_decimation" which is fixed to a value of 4.
      Changing the hardware to an "rtlsdr" also changes the default
      samplerate to 1 Msps which results in a waterfall bandwidth of 250 kHz
      (+- 125 kHz). Connecting the waterfall sink behind the FFT Filter,
      which has a decimation set to match an output samplerate of 125 kHz,
      seems to be correct! This produces waterfalls with a bandwidth of
      125 kHz (+- 62,5 kHz).
      Fixes issue #128
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      Tune CW parameters · 6b1e3d38
      Manolis Surligas authored
      * Set the loop bandwith of the PLL to a lower value, to get rid off the
      DC leakage and improve SNR
      * Set the AGC update rate to a higher value
      * Decrease the CW decoding threshold
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      Bump up version · 5d326014
      Manolis Surligas authored
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      Fix CW decoder · 85219e5d
      Manolis Surligas authored
      * Fix CW decoder
      * Link with boost chrono to avoid a linking error in boost 1.67
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      Improve sensitivity · dbfb6e65
      Patrick Dohmen authored
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      Add a BPSK decoder Script · 9d41d898
      Patrick Dohmen authored
      Add a BPSK decoder script for frames transmitted in AX.25, using G3RUH
      scrambling and without. Baudrate is set via parameter "baudrate", all
      filters, taps, offsets, etc are calculated using this parameter. Decoder
      tested with 1k2 bps and 9k6 bps.
  12. 27 Apr, 2018 1 commit