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# Maintainers
* Manolis Surligas (
* Pierros Papadeas (
* Goerge Vardakis (
# Package Mainteners
* Vasilis Tsiligiannis (
# Contributors
* Corey Shields (
* LongHairedHacker(
* Nikos Karamolegkos (nkaramolegos@csd.uoc.g)
* Mark Jessop (
* Fabian P. Schmidt (
* Thanos Gkiolias (
* Patrick Dohmen (
* Kostis Triantayllakis (
* Alexander Jenke
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## Website
For more indormation about SatNOGS please visit our [site](
## Release Policy
The `gr-satnogs` OOT module uses the `major.api-compatibility.minor`
versioning scheme.
is used by the [satnogs-client](, so the release and versioning policy is based on how the
satnogs client is affected by the changes on the `gr-satnogs` software.
* Minor changes, bug fixes or improvements that do not affect in anyway
the `satnogs-client` advance the `minor` version.
* The `api-compatibility` indicates changes that require modifications on `satnogs-client` but do not brake the backwards compatibility (e.g a new satallite decoder). In other words,
the `satnogs-client` should continue to operate normally without any modifications.
Changes on `satnogs-client` should be performed only to integrate the new features.
* `major` version advances when the changes break backwards compatibility with
the `satnogs-client`.
For every release change a tag with the corresponding version is created.
Releases can be retrieved by the [tags]( page.
## License
© 2016,2017,2018 [Libre Space Foundation](
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