Commit 8a81ebc4 authored by Manolis Surligas's avatar Manolis Surligas

Fix frame length bug at UPSAT FSK transmitter

The frame length field was set in number of bits instead of number of
bytes, only when the transmitter was configured in AX.25 mode.
parent df8cffbe
......@@ -334,7 +334,7 @@ namespace gr
* the address field (if exists) and the payload. Length and CRC fields
* are NOT included.
d_pdu[d_preamble_len + d_sync_word_len] = (uint8_t) encoded_len;
d_pdu[d_preamble_len + d_sync_word_len] = (uint8_t) encoded_len/8;
/* If it is necessary calculate and append the CRC */
if (d_append_crc) {
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