Performance improvements and new decoders

New Features

  • X3xx USRP support
  • AX.25 related flowgraphs for FSK, MSK, BPSK. New flowgraphs are now called, and All of them require the baudrate as parameter. The MSK and FSK can support up to 19200 baudrate, whereas the BPSK can support an arbitrary baudrate with the requirement of the SDR sampling rate to be at least 4 times the desired baudrate
  • Complete redesign of BPSK decoding


  • The script can now report also the git hash of the gr-satnogs version. The GrVersion.cmake CMake module is now integrated into the source code, for those platforms that do not have it already installed at the default CMake modules path
  • Fix deprecation warning of the Boost common_factor
  • Remove of obsolete files and flowgraphs
  • Simplify LO offset correction, by using only the Rotator block instead of an NCO and a multiply block