Commit 50881acb authored by Hugh Brown's avatar Hugh Brown

Add setter for PolarisConfig.batch_settings() + test

Signed-off-by: Hugh Brown's avatarHugh Brown (Saint Aardvark the Carpeted) <[email protected]>
parent 15547208
......@@ -108,6 +108,14 @@ class PolarisConfig():
return self._data['satellite']['batch']
def batch_settings(self, new_settings):
"""Update batch settings
@param new_settings: dictionary of all fetch settings
self._data['satellite']['batch'] = new_settings
def should_batch_run(self, cmd):
"""Return True if the configuration for batch says we should run this
command; else, return False
......@@ -69,3 +69,23 @@ def test_polaris_configuration_normalized_file_path(polaris_config, tmp_path):
config_from_file = PolarisConfig(file=fullpath)
expected_path = '/tmp/polaris/LightSail-2/cache/normalized_frames.json'
assert config_from_file.normalized_file_path == expected_path
def test_should_batch_run(polaris_config, tmp_path):
"""Test should_batch_run(), including updates
fullpath = tmp_path / 'simple_config.json'
with open(fullpath.as_posix(), 'w') as f_handle:
config_from_file = PolarisConfig(file=fullpath)
# Supply our own batch settings, and test those
config_from_file.batch_settings = {
'fetch': True,
'learn': False,
'viz': True
assert config_from_file.should_batch_run('fetch') is True
assert config_from_file.should_batch_run('learn') is False
assert config_from_file.should_batch_run('viz') is True
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