Commit 5e96cc6d authored by Jonne Haß's avatar Jonne Haß Committed by Benjamin Neff

add carrierwave error messages

parent 53b733f0
......@@ -67,6 +67,21 @@ en:
already_participated: "You’ve already participated in this poll!"
# Carrierwave error messages
carrierwave_processing_error: failed to be processed
carrierwave_integrity_error: is not of an allowed file type
carrierwave_download_error: could not be downloaded
extension_whitelist_error: "You are not allowed to upload %{extension} files, allowed types: %{allowed_types}"
extension_blacklist_error: "You are not allowed to upload %{extension} files, prohibited types: %{prohibited_types}"
content_type_whitelist_error: "You are not allowed to upload %{content_type} files"
content_type_blacklist_error: "You are not allowed to upload %{content_type} files"
rmagick_processing_error: "Failed to manipulate with rmagick, maybe it is not an image?"
mini_magick_processing_error: "Failed to manipulate with MiniMagick, maybe it is not an image? Original Error: %{e}"
min_size_error: "File size should be greater than %{min_size}"
max_size_error: "File size should be less than %{max_size}"
correct_the_following_errors_and_try_again: "Correct the following errors and try again."
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