Commit 8eb69ce6 authored by Brandon Invergo's avatar Brandon Invergo

Fix documentation for make-finite-midi-control-abs-knob

parent b839f72d
......@@ -1243,7 +1243,10 @@ keyword arguments: @var{channel}, the MIDI channel (default: 0),
@var{make-finite-midi-control-abs-knob} returns a callback function
that behaves like @var{midi-control-abs-knob}, however it prevents the
absolute position values from ``wrapping around'' when using an
infinite rotary knob.
infinite rotary knob. The callback function accepts one additional
option, @var{wrap-tol}, which determines the sensitivity of the
detection of wrapping around and is expressed as a fraction of
@var{knob-max} (default: 0.1).
@var{make-rel-to-abs-midi-control-knob} returns a callback function
that converts relative-position events to absolute-position events,
......@@ -553,7 +553,7 @@ Optional keyword arguments:
position has wrapped on an \"infinite-rotary\"-style knob (i.e.
the physical knob has no start or end position and can be
rotated completely in either direction). Expressed as a
fraction of KNOB-MAX (default: 0.01)"
fraction of KNOB-MAX (default: 0.1)"
(let ((prev-raw-value #f)
(prev-clipped-value #f))
(lambda (device input-event input-value alsa-ctl options)
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