Commit 6b9abfd9 authored by Brandon Invergo's avatar Brandon Invergo

Force the idle hook to be reset before running the exit hook

parent 789a4776
2019-07-09 Brandon Invergo <>
* guile/librekontrol/device.scm (configure-device): Force the idle
hooks to be cleared before running any exit hooks (just in case
the idle timer hits before the exit hooks have finished running)
* src/librekontrol-core.c (lk_scm_reset_exit_hook)
(lk_scm_reset_idle_hook): remove unnecessary/unused argument
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ INPUT-NAME. Set up the device further through optional arguments:
(if exit-hooks
(for-each (lambda (hook)
(add-exit-hook! device hook))
(cons (lambda () (reset-idle-hook! device)) exit-hooks)))
(if init
(for-each (lambda (init-proc)
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