Commit 0e9804f6 authored by Brandon Invergo's avatar Brandon Invergo

Be careful not to try to extract from alsa-ctl if it doesn't exist.

parent 93d2cf3b
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ integer CTL to #t simply sets it to its maximum value."
(not (boolean? (alsa-ctl-descr alsa-ctl)))))
(boolean-ctl (and have-ctl (eq? (alsa-ctl-type alsa-ctl)
(ctl-descr (alsa-ctl-descr alsa-ctl)))
(ctl-descr (if have-ctl (alsa-ctl-descr alsa-ctl) #f)))
(when have-ctl
(if boolean-ctl
(if (boolean? new-value)
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