Verified Commit e0175990 authored by Michael Downey's avatar Michael Downey Committed by Robby O'Connor

Update Amendment to establish LSC treasurer role

parent 4980471f
......@@ -170,6 +170,23 @@ Synchronous meetings shall be documented with minutes posted publicly for
review by the general public and entire community, with the exception of any
executive sessions where private matters are discussed.
#### Treasurer
The LibreHealth Steering Committee shall appoint an individual to serve in the
role of Treasurer. Such appointment shall last for a period of 12 months
commencing with the month after a succesful vote of such appointee. The
appointment may be renewed.
The Treasurer shall prepare a financial summary of donors to and assets of the
community, in consultation with the fiscal sponsor. This summary shall be
produced at minimum of once per calendar quarter. Additional content for this
report may be requested from time to time by the Committee.
All other financial activities shall be conducted by the fiscal sponsor.
The Treasurer role need not be filled by a current member of the LibreHealth
Steering Committee, and may attend Committee meetings in an ex officio capacity.
### Mentor
Younger projects may have a need for a mentor to help ensure that the project
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