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## Repository structure
This repository contains the source files used in the production of issue 2.4 of Libre Graphics Magazine.
*Some of the files used in this issue can be found at [Persistent](, a repository that contains reusable assets such as the magazine logo, columnist photos, procedures and procedures.*
* Assets folder: contains all the visual assets used in this issue, organised by article. Here you'll find bitmap images, vector files and ads.
* Layout folder: Scribus layout documents. The layout is split in two files: part1 and part2.
* Text: one .TXT file for each article. This folder is subdivided in:
* preedit: contains the original articles, without edits.
* preedit: article received, first version, without edits.
* firsedit: articles after the first edit.
* secondedit: articles after the second edit. These are the versions of the articles for this issue.
* secondedit: final version of the articles published.
* Files in the root of the repository:
* 2point4call.txt: call for submissions for this issue.
* image credits: credits for the images used in this issue.
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