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Gendering F/LOSS, Issue 2.2


  • Gender ≠ women, ginger coon — Editor's letter
  • Outils Libres AlternatifsNotebook
  • Making the switch, Manufactura Independente — Production colophon
  • Libre Planet 2013Notebook
  • New Releases
  • Ticking the other box, Antonio Roberts — Column
  • Rewriting hacker culture, Eric Schrijver — Column
  • Consensus is sexy? The gender of collaboration, Eleanor Greenhalgh — Column
  • Mothership HackerMoms: Forging Open Source community for mothers, Aya de Leon and Sho-Sho Smith — Dispatch
  • Interactivos?'13, Tools for a Read-Write world, Libre Graphics magazine team — Dispatch
  • Knitic, Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet — Showcase
  • Zone, Ele Carpenter — Showcase
  • Lelacoders, Spideralex — Showcase
  • Small and Useful
  • Best of people iconsBest of
  • The Empowermentors Collective — an interview, Kýra — Interview
  • Modelling, Femke Snelting — Feature
  • Resources & Glossary


Gendering F/LOSS — January 2014 Issue 2.2, Libre Graphics Magazine
ISSN: 1925-1416