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Collaboration, collaboratively, Issue 1.3


  • Giving up the reins, ginger coons — Editor's letter
  • Look at this camel. My camel is amazing, Loredana Bontempi, Emanuele Bonetti, Morgan Fortems and Thibaut Hofer — Editor's letter
  • Cover process, Morgan Fortems and Thibaut Hofer — Production colophon
  • New Releases
  • Upcoming events
  • ..., Dave Crossland — Column
  • The voice of the shell—in collaboration with my computer, Eric Schrijver — Column
  • RestructWeb, Annemieke van der Hoek, Timo Klok, Michael van Schaik — In practice
  • Breaking into F/LOSS, Morgan Fortems — First time
  • Libre Graphics Meeting 2011Notebook
  • Isn't Open Clip Art Library handy?Best of SVG
  • FF3300Showcase
  • Bash scripts for generative posters, Lafkon — Showcase
  • Open source recipe for organic logos, Makemake — Showcase
  • Digital Dump and Pickpic, Parcodiyellowstone — Showcase
  • <stdin>, Alexandre Leray and Stéphanie Vilayphiou — Showcase
  • Libre Graphics magazine issue 1.4: the Physical, the Digital and the DesignerCall for submissions
  • Managing artist communities: the case for Ubuntu Artists, Martin Owens — Feature
  • Sparkleshare: pleasantly invisible version control, ginger coons — Feature
  • Parallel School—an interview, Thibaut Hofer — Interview
  • Resource list
  • Glossary


Collaboration, collaboratively — August 2011
Issue 1.3, Libre Graphics Magazine ISSN: 1925-1416 Guest editors: Loredana Bontempi, Emanuele Bonetti, Morgan Fortems and Thibaut Hofer.

Editorial Team:

ginger coons

Community Board:
Dave Crossland, Louis Desjardins, Aymeric Mansoux, Alexandre Prokoudine, Femke Snelting


Printed in Porto by Cromotema on recycled paper.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA).
All content should be attributed to its individual author.
All content without a stated author can be credited to Libre Graphics Magazine.

Write to us at
Our repositories with all source material for the magazine can be found at

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