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* **Breaking into F/LOSS**, Morgan Fortems — *First time*
* **Libre Graphics Meeting 2011***Notebook*
* **Isn't Open Clip Art Library handy?***Best of SVG*
* FF3300*Showcase*
* **FF3300***Showcase*
* **Bash scripts for generative posters**, Lafkon — *Showcase*
* **Open source recipe for organic logos**, Makemake — *Showcase*
* **Digital Dump and Pickpic**, Parcodiyellowstone — *Showcase*
* <stdin>**, Alexandre Leray and Stéphanie Vilayphiou — *Showcase*
* **&lt;stdin&gt;**, Alexandre Leray and Stéphanie Vilayphiou — *Showcase*
* **Libre Graphics magazine issue 1.4: the Physical, the Digital and the Designer***Call for submissions*
* **Managing artist communities: the case for Ubuntu Artists**, Martin Owens — *Feature*
* **Sparkleshare: pleasantly invisible version control**, ginger coons — *Feature*
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