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More recipes

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......@@ -55,5 +55,42 @@ cd images/2.4
for f in *; do echo $f; mogrify -resize 1800x1400\> $f; done
or, to alter all images in subdirectories:
grep 'jquery' issue* -lr | xargs vim -p
cd images
find . -name "*" | xargs mogrify -resize 970x4000\>
### Review text files with a particular string
We needed to check every instance of a lowercase acronym (e.g. "svg") and edit it manually if it needed to be made uppercase again.
grep '\bsvg\b' issue* -lr | xargs vim -p
### Turn all images into image links
We wanted to change all images into a thumbnail which would then link to the original image.
So this
should become
So we use the following sed script:
cd content
find . -name "*.md" | xargs sed -i 's/!\[\](\(.*\))/[![](\1)](\1)/g; s/images/images-small/'
The sed operation comes in two parts: first we create the "image inside link", and after that we fix the directory of the thumbnail so that it points to the `images-small` directory.
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