Commit 287f3aa2 authored by Ricardo Lafuente's avatar Ricardo Lafuente

Add image processing recipes

parent 517615d8
......@@ -36,4 +36,23 @@ cat 01-original-scribus-files/lgmag-1.1-p* | \
sed 's/"//g; s/\.\.\///g' > images-1.1.txt
### Re-downloading images from repos
After extracting the image lists from the previous recipe, we did this (example for 2.4):
mkdir -p images/2.4
cd images/2.4
while read f; do wget "$f"; done < ../../image-lists/images-2.4.txt
### Resizing images to a max width and height
We wanted max 1800px width and 1400px height, while keeping smaller images as they are.
cd images/2.4
for f in *; do echo $f; mogrify -resize 1800x1400\> $f; done
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