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Title: Is it open yet?
Author: Julien Deswaef
Section: Column
The proprietary ecosystem of design apps is booming again. Adobe has lost its supremacy in the toolbox of web designers[^1], and “it’s about time!” I hear you say. An increasing range of new apps is convincing visual creatives that there is another way to do things—a savoir-faire more in tune with the intrinsic granularity of the digital medium. These tools have also embraced a workflow that includes non-designers, working on a diverse set of devices, with practices grounded in a distributed and collaborative ethos. Or at least, that’s what the app vendors are aiming for. Of course this is driven by a web industry that is growing so fast that design departments have had to build new tools to accommodate these massive changes of scale. All aided, it’s true, by the malleability of the medium and the new modus operandi promising that anything not agile or scalable is not fit for this world.
Title: Free the students—or at least their tools
Author: Larisa Blazic
Section: Dispatch
This is a report from a strange place—England, 2018—where higher education institutions are imploding as I write these lines. Even though the very idea of Free Software in such circumstances may be a logical choice of tools for a variety of visual communications, the notion of an industry standard, the mantra of many educators preparing their students for the labour market arming them with proprietary software employability skills, is still strongly felt in places of knowledge production.
Title: Five questions about Libre Graphics
Author: ginger coons
Section: Interview
We gave four practitioners of libre art and design a list of slightly facetious, but still quite serious questions about their lives with libre graphics. We gave them twelve questions to choose from, and asked for five answers.
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