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tweaked README to be more colorful

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......@@ -10,4 +10,20 @@ Using a SparkFun Redboard (Uno clone) it's able to generate in excess of a
In theory it can go over 100,000 RPM though that needs more analysis to be
sure the signal isn't too jittery at that level.
Tested with an Arduino Uno (SprkFun Redboard (Uno clone)
To build load the .ino file with the arduino toolkit compile and install
Pin 8 will provide the wheel signal.
Running on tiny's, Mega's or other arduino variants beside the Uno
may require code modifications or have a different output pin number, so YMMV.
There is no guarantee, if you blow up your arduino, hurt yourself, burn
down your house or hurt others youare completely liable for your actions
and you will hold the author and the rest of the life on this and any other
planet blameless for your own actions.
Be safe out there...
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