Osinfo database of information about operating systems for virtualization provisioning tools

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osinfo-db provides the database files for use with the libosinfo
library. It provides information about guest operating systems for
use with virtualization provisioning tools

osinfo-db is Free Software and licenced under GPLv2+.

The latest official releases can be found at:



- Required:
  - osinfo-db-tools
  - intltool
- Optional:
  - xmllint (from libxml2) -- for testing

Build reproducibility

To build libosinfo reproduciblity, you should export the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH[0]
environment variable to the build system. For example:

    $ export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH="$(date +%s)"
    $ ./configure [...]
    $ make

[0] https://reproducible-builds.org/specs/source-date-epoch/

Patch submissions

Patch submissions are welcomed from any interested contributor. Please
use the libosinfo list for any patch submissions, or discussions about
the code:


For further information about libosinfo please consult the project