Commit 7d931db8 authored by Tim Rühsen's avatar Tim Rühsen

Update contrib/release to create -latest files

parent da9bb19e
......@@ -102,7 +102,9 @@ for ext in $extensions; do
gpg --default-key $signing_key --yes -b $app_tarball
echo -e "version: 1.2\nfilename: ${app_tarball}\ndirectory: libidn\n" >${app_tarball}.directive
echo -e "version: 1.2\nfilename: ${app_tarball}\ndirectory: libidn" >${app_tarball}.directive
echo -e "symlink: ${app_tarball} ${app_name}-latest.tar.$ext" >>${app_tarball}.directive
echo -e "symlink: ${app_tarball}.sig ${app_name}-latest.tar.${ext}.sig" >>${app_tarball}.directive
gpg --default-key $signing_key --yes --clearsign ${app_tarball}.directive
ftp -v -n -i -p <<EOF
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