Commit 01fffd00 authored by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos's avatar Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos Committed by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos

abi-check: simplify ABI comparison using libabigail tools

These have output ABI format compatibility and that means we can
take snapshots to test ABI against. We also hard-code explicitly
the SONAME version to ensure no accidental SONAME bumps happen.
Signed-off-by: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos's avatarNikos Mavrogiannopoulos <>
parent 9874c23e
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ stages:
BUILD_IMAGES_PROJECT: libidn/build-images
DEBIAN_BUILD: buildenv-debian-stretch
DEBIAN_BUILD: buildenv-debian-buster
FEDORA_BUILD: buildenv-fedora
CENTOS7_BUILD: buildenv-centos7
BASE_BUILD: buildenv-basic
......@@ -46,49 +46,56 @@ pkgconfig_DATA = libidn2.pc
local-code-coverage-output: code-coverage-capture
@cat libidn2-$(VERSION)-coverage/index.html|grep headerCovTableEntryHi|head -1|sed 's/^.*>\([0-9]\+\.[0-9]\+\s*%\)<.*$$/ coverage lines: \1/' || true
ABIREF := $(shell if test -d .git; then git for-each-ref --sort=taggerdate --format '%(refname)' refs/tags|tail -1; fi)
ABIVER := $(shell if test -d .git; then git for-each-ref --sort=taggerdate --format '%(refname)' refs/tags|tail -1|cut -d '/' -f 3|sed -e 's/libidn2-//' -e 's/_/./g'; fi)
@git clone -l . $(ABI_TMPCLONEDIR)
@echo "Creating ABI for $(ABIVER)"
git checkout $(ABIREF) && git submodule update --init && \
sh bootstrap && CFLAGS="-g -Og" ./configure --disable-doc && \
$(MAKE) -j$$(nproc) -C unistring && $(MAKE) -j$$(nproc) -C gl && $(MAKE) -j$$(nproc) -C lib
touch $@
ABIDW_COMMON = --no-show-locs --no-corpus-path
LIBIDN2_ABI_LAST_FILE = "$(top_srcdir)/contrib/libidn2-latest-$$(uname -m).abi"
ABIGNORE_FILE = "$(top_srcdir)/contrib/libidn2.abignore"
abi-dump-versioned: lib/
@echo "*************************************************"
@echo "Generating versioned ABI files of current libidn2"
@echo "*************************************************"
@abidw lib/.libs/ $(ABIDW_COMMON) --suppressions $(ABIGNORE_FILE) --out-file "$(srcdir)/contrib/libidn2-$(VERSION)-$$(uname -m).abi"
abi-dump-latest: lib/
@echo "***************************************"
@echo "Generating ABI files of current libidn2"
@echo "***************************************"
@abidw lib/.libs/ $(ABIDW_COMMON) --suppressions $(ABIGNORE_FILE) --out-file $(LIBIDN2_ABI_LAST_FILE)
@rm -f "./contrib/libidn2-latest-$$(uname -m).tmp"
abi-check-latest: lib/
@echo "Checking whether the latest ABI dump matches"
@abidiff --suppressions $(ABIGNORE_FILE) lib/.libs/ $(LIBIDN2_ABI_LAST_FILE); if test $$? != 0;then \
echo "*****************************************************"; \
echo "libidn2 ABI has changed; use 'make abi-dump-latest' "; \
echo "and use 'git diff' to check correctness before commit"; \
echo "*****************************************************"; \
exit 1; \
@echo "********************************"
@echo "Current release matches ABI dump"
@echo "********************************"
# Checks the ABI stability between current git version and the previous tagged release.
abi-check: prev-tag-abi.stamp
@echo "Checking libidn2 ABI"
@echo "<version>$(VERSION)</version>" >$(ABI_TMPFILE1)
@echo "<headers>$(srcdir)/lib/idn2.h" >>$(ABI_TMPFILE1)
@echo "$(builddir)/lib/idn2.h</headers>" >>$(ABI_TMPFILE1)
@echo "<libs>$(builddir)/lib/.libs</libs>" >>$(ABI_TMPFILE1)
@echo "<version>$(ABIVER)</version>" >$(ABI_TMPFILE2)
@echo "<headers>$(builddir)/$(ABI_TMPCLONEDIR)/lib/idn2.h" >>$(ABI_TMPFILE2)
@echo "$(builddir)/$(ABI_TMPCLONEDIR)/lib/idn2.h</headers>" >>$(ABI_TMPFILE2)
@echo "<libs>$(builddir)/$(ABI_TMPCLONEDIR)/lib/.libs</libs>" >>$(ABI_TMPFILE2)
abi-compliance-checker -abi -lib libidn2 -old $(ABI_TMPFILE2) -new $(ABI_TMPFILE1)
# Dumps the current library ABI using abi-dump in the current directory
$(MAKE) -C gl
$(MAKE) -C lib
@rm -rf $(ABI_TMPDIR)
@mkdir -p $(ABI_TMPDIR)
@cp lib/idn2.h $(ABI_TMPDIR)
@abi-dumper lib/.libs/ -o "./ABI-$(VERSION)-$$(uname -m).dump" -public-headers $(ABI_TMPDIR)
@rm -rf $(ABI_TMPDIR)
ABICHECK_COMMON = --no-added-syms
abi-check: lib/
@for file in $$(eval echo $(srcdir)/contrib/libidn2-*-$$(uname -m).abi);do \
echo "Comparing libidn2 with $$file"; \
abidiff $${file} lib/.libs/ --suppressions $(ABIGNORE_FILE) $(ABICHECK_COMMON) --hd2 "$(srcdir)/lib/idn2.h"; \
if test $$? != 0;then \
echo "****************************************************************************"; \
echo "ABI check failed; If intentional add suppression in contrib/libidn2.abignore"; \
echo "****************************************************************************"; \
exit 1; \
fi; \
@echo "********************"
@echo "ABI checks completed"
@echo "********************"
if test -d "$(top_srcdir)/contrib";then \
$(MAKE) -C $(top_srcdir) abi-check-latest; \
rm -f ChangeLog
$(MAKE) ChangeLog
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