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      Update Piave · 234952aa
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      Austria-gergary's in description to  Austria-Hungary's line 3
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      Update BUGS · 8f1f1214
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      Replace whitespace with underscores · d4b33d54
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      Credit Blazej Ciepluch <blazejos@wp.pl> · bbd890e6
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      Remove obsolete scenarios. · f43e4e38
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      Fix scenario ordering · 9f7a4b90
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      Order scenarios by date · add88cc6
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      Remove execute bit from files. · 3b14cf63
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      Add contributions from Blazej Ciepluch <blazejos@wp.pl> · 04e94561
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      gfx/flags/kukgen.bmp: New flags painted accordingly to wikipedia data how they
      looked during the years of WWI
      gfx/terrain/bridge.bmp: new bridge tiles for inland riverine ships
      gfx/units/kukgen.bmp: new icons added in lower part serbian bleriot and black
      repainted with slight different black color to be not transparrent
      maps/kukgen.tdb: new type of movment climb added for mountains units new type
      of terrain Bridge added to make possible crossing with ships roads over rivers tiles
      maps/kukgen/*: names of maps are now related with names of scenerios. Also folder for orphaned maps without scenerios added with descriptive names usefull for modders.
      nations/kugen.ndb: new short names and long names for nations added based on
      wikipedia historical accuracy. Three new arteficially nations created Red, Green, Blue for first military exercises scenerio
      scenerios/kugen/*: Old scenerios has now correct names and all from kuk DOS are
      now playable but still may contain some small bugs. Nationalities are now correct and militarry blocks are now namet Central Powers and Entante. Prestige is also accordingly to that from orginal games. From new scenerios some like Galipollimay still need small polishing.
      units/kukgen.udb: new movment type climb added. And new classes not from
      orginal kukgen like cavalery , Garrison for static not moving units , reconair
      for ballons and recon aircrafts like Taube, Riverine Ship for monitors. Still
      not all units has correct nationalities so purchasing in most scenerios is not
      working correctly. Blue and Green units added for first military exercises scenerio.
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