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......@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ Apart from this, numerous small improvements and bug fixes are part of the relea
* Enabled the menu scale-up effect for the OpenGL ES renderer
* Renamed es_systems.cfg, es_settings.cfg and es_input.cfg to es_systems.xml, es_settings.xml and es_input.xml
* Changed the es_systems.xml logic so it loads from the program resources directory by default (a customized file can be placed in ~/.emulationstation/custom_systems)
* Added a %HIDEWINDOW% variable which can be used in the es_systems.xml file on Windows, primarily intended for hiding console windows when launching scripts
* Added support for using the %ESPATH% variable in the media directory setting
* Removed the marquee image from rbsimple-DE as it's now baked into the miximages
* Set the gamelist video scanline rendering option to disabled by default
......@@ -1471,6 +1471,13 @@ For a real system entry there can of course not be multiple entries for the same
expanded to the directory of the ES-DE executable. -->
<command>"%ESPATH%\RetroArch\retroarch.exe" -L "%ESPATH%\RetroArch\cores\snes9x_libretro.dll" %ROM%</command>
<!-- An example on Unix which launches a script, this is for example used by source ports, Steam games etc. -->
<command>bash %ROM%</command>
<!-- The equivalent configuration as above, but for Windows.
The optional %HIDEWINDOW% variable is used to hide the console window, which would otherwise be visible when launching the game. -->
<command>%HIDEWINDOW% cmd /C %ROM%</command>
<!-- The platform(s) to use when scraping. You can see the full list of supported platforms in es-app/src/PlatformId.cpp.
The entry is case insensitive as it will be converted to lower case during startup.
This tag is optional but scraper searches for the system will be inaccurate if it's left out.
......@@ -1506,6 +1513,8 @@ The following variables are expanded for the `command` tag:
`%CORE_` - This utilizes the core find rules as defined in `es_find_rules.xml`. This is the recommended way to configure the launch command.
`%HIDEWINDOW%` - This variable is only available on Windows and is used primarily for hiding console windows when launching scripts (used for example by Steam games and source ports). If not defining this, the console window will be visible when launching the game. It needs to be placed first in the command tag.
Here are some additional real world examples of system entries, the first one for Unix:
......@@ -539,7 +539,6 @@ And on macOS with the filename ``:
And finally on Windows with the filename `Broforce.bat`:
@echo off
"c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe" steam://rungameid/26800
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