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One minor suggestion for labels in Figure 1, reorder them to reflect the order of bars, i.e. instead of conference, magazine, journal, put them journal at the top, followed by magazine followed by conference.
Another very minor, if you broaden table 2 all the way to the row size, you may be able to fit all references for RQ4 in one line. By some more tricks you could do the same with RQ1.
Center content of cells for Quantity column only. Others are ok to be left and right.
Add the line after the last row in Table 3, this is the only one that does not have line. If you want to distinguish that row from others, you can make contents bold or do thicker line just above that row.
[TODO] There is way too much space between captions and Figures/Tables. I would reduce it.
I do not like that in Table 4 columns Examples and Concepts are centered. I would make them both left.
> all left
In Table 4 (Tools), it is somewhat awkward to have “and” in Goals column for “Human Collaboration and *and* Continuous Delivery” and then two rows below as well. Instead I would leave that row inside of the cell empty, just a new line. Does this make sense?
It is also somewhat awkward to have one full line wasted in the bottom right cell. I almost feel that given that there is no cross relationship across cells that it would make sense to itemize (e.g. by a) , b), c), …. For each of them and then have multiple entries per line. You could do this for Examples and Concepts columns only. Think about it. You can say at least 5 lines this way. But it is not only about saving lines, but about being more readable. So either align them left at minimum or combine them. This way hurts my eyes somewhat J.
For some reason I cannot edit paper directly, there is an extra space in “However, many industry practitioners ,…”
Just prior to comma. I fixed it in the letter, but could not in the paper.
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ rects2 =, counts_magazine, width, bottom=counts_conference, align='
rects3 =, counts_journal, width, bottom=counts_conference+counts_magazine, align='center', alpha=0.5, color='r', hatch="----")
ax.legend((rects1[0], rects2[0], rects3[0]), ('Conference', 'Magazine', 'Journal'))
ax.legend((rects3[0], rects2[0], rects1[0]), ('Journal', 'Magazine', 'Conference'))
# valores ao lado das barras
for year, conf, mag, journal in zip(years, counts_conference, counts_magazine, counts_journal):
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