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......@@ -22,14 +22,30 @@ Checar diferença
Verificar tempos verbais
If each microservice has its test suit, \removed{it} \added{this} minimizes the bottleneck
...which could lead to frictions among developers and operators. \removed{It} \added{This} is especially true when delivery automation is not prioritized
Quando usar it, quando usar this?
Parece que quando o it/this remete a toda uma frase ou idea, melhor usar o this.
We believe \added{the} literature is incomplete
Quando usar artigo?
Alguns 'to' foram removidos.
which helped executives \removed{to} justify investments
Exercises that demand students \removed{to} build distributed systems
a social network that helps DevOps engineers \removed{to} analyze results
Quando usar ou não o to?
Outros destaques
\added{briefly} mention this subject \removed{briefly}
\added{negatively} impact productivity \removed{negatively}.
DevOps movement has \added{irreversibly} blurred the frontier between developers and operators \removed{irreversibly}
A revisora tinha uma tendência de colocar os advérbios na frente do verbo.
``\devops'', - > ``\devops,''
......@@ -73,6 +89,17 @@ getting -> determining
Removendo redundâncias:
list some other challenges -> list other challenges
Coisas que ela gosta que normalmente eu evito:
wherein // esse nunca nem uso
Tentar usar mais esses caras.
Exemplo (exceção) em que ela trocou passado simples pra perfect present:
Some blog posts promote NoOps concepts, but the literature did not cover this subject yet. ->
Some blog posts promote NoOps concepts, but the literature has not covered this subject.
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