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Autograding in the Cloud: Interview with David O’Hallaron
the autograding system that he built at CMU to automate the evaluation of student programming assignment
created for the course Introduction to Computer Systems (ICS)
The course help students become better programmers by teaching them about the parts of a
computer system that affect the performance, correctness, and utility of their C codes.
It's very hands-on
Because of the size of the course [250 students each term] and the complexity of the labs, we found it essential to develop a Web-based autograding service, called Autolab, to handle the quantitative evaluation of the students’ work.
Assignment example: solve a puzzle with constrains.
Solution is a C function. Autograder runs unit tests and parse the code to check constrains.
Use of VMs is key to run untrusted code [from studentes].
the approach is more easily adopted for lower-level programming courses that have smaller assignments.
good motivation for elastic acquisition of compute node (low load most of the time, but with some bursts)
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