Number in Figure 1

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import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pandas
from textwrap import wrap
......@@ -106,4 +107,14 @@ rects2 =, counts_magazine, width, bottom=counts_conference, align='
rects3 =, counts_journal, width, bottom=counts_conference+counts_magazine, align='center', alpha=0.5, color='r', hatch="----")
ax.legend((rects1[0], rects2[0], rects3[0]), ('Conference', 'Magazine', 'Journal'))
# valores ao lado das barras
for year, conf, mag, journal in zip(years, counts_conference, counts_magazine, counts_journal):
top = conf + mag
ax.text(year + 0.2, top + 6, str(int(journal)), color='r')
ax.text(year + 0.2, top + 3, str(int(mag)), color='y')
ax.text(year + 0.2, top, str(int(conf)), color='b')
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