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TODO list
TODO: test on Redhat (Magali)
-Table to track the performance of DBGWAS
-Subsampling SA, PA and TB big datasets
-100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 10000
-Create the input files [MAGALI]
-Run once each point
-8 cores
-Log the time and memory for each point
-Parse output file and create the following table:
Species Nb_Genome RunNb Time Mem
-Magali generate the graph
-TODO: change the package so that it extracts to a directory
-Finish dbgwas-performance-study and runs on pyseer, HAWK and DBGWAS
-Put S1 online, and increment it to be a user-manual
-Other stuff needed for the paper (prioritize code, then tests, then text)...
-Changed all mentions of -nc_db and -pt_db to -nc-db and -pt-db in the text;
Next release (v0.5.2 ETA 31/05/2018):
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