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If you want your case study to be featured here, please send the output and some description of your dataset by opening an issue at [https://gitlab.com/leoisl/dbgwas/issues](https://gitlab.com/leoisl/dbgwas/issues) or sending it by mail to leandro<dot>ishi<dot>lima<at>gmail<dot>com .
## Customizing annotation databases
DBGWAS works with any nucleotide or protein Fasta file as annotation databases straight away, i.e. there is no need for manual curation.
However, you can customize the annotation databases by changing the Fasta sequences header to aid the interpretability of DBGWAS results.
A common example is compacting the annotation in the summary page by using abbreviations or gene class names, and expanding them
to full names in the subgraph page. Other custom fields can also be included in the annotation table by adding specific
tags to the headers of the sequences. See [Customizing annotation databases](https://gitlab.com/leoisl/dbgwas/wikis/Customizing-annotation-databases)
to know how to do this.
## Learning how to use the DBGWAS web based interactive visualization
See [DBGWAS web based interactive visualization](https://gitlab.com/leoisl/dbgwas/wikis/DBGWAS-web-based-interactive-visualization)
## Lineage vs locus effect
See [Lineage vs locus effect](https://gitlab.com/leoisl/dbgwas/wikis/Lineage-vs-locus-effect)
## Memory and CPU requirements
See [Memory and CPU requirements](https://gitlab.com/leoisl/dbgwas/wikis/Memory-and-CPU-requirements)
## Customizing annotation databases
See [Customizing annotation databases](https://gitlab.com/leoisl/dbgwas/wikis/Customizing-annotation-databases)
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