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This repo runs several script to track our progress on improving the Code Quality of GitLab:
- eslint: https://leipert-projects.gitlab.io/is-gitlab-pretty-yet/eslint/
- jest: https://leipert-projects.gitlab.io/is-gitlab-pretty-yet/jest/
- Font Awesome icons: https://leipert-projects.gitlab.io/is-gitlab-pretty-yet/icons/
- prettier: https://leipert-projects.gitlab.io/is-gitlab-pretty-yet/prettier/
- CE/EE diff: https://leipert-projects.gitlab.io/is-gitlab-pretty-yet/diff/
- jest: https://leipert-projects.gitlab.io/is-gitlab-pretty-yet/jest/
The pages are generated about [every 4 hours](https://gitlab.com/leipert-projects/is-gitlab-pretty-yet/pipeline_schedules).
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