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## ❓ FAQ
### I see some message about CoolBits in the Overclock/Fan profile section, what's that?
Coolbits was a Windows registry hack for Nvidia graphics cards Windows drivers, that allows
tweaking features via the Nvidia driver control panel.
Something similar is available also on Linux and is the only way to enable Overclock and manual Fan control.
To know more about Coolbits and how to enable them click
(to enable both OC and Fan control you need to set it to `12`).
### The Flatpak version of GWE is not using my theme, how can I fix it?
Due to sandboxing, Flatpak applications use the default Gnome theme (Adwaita),
and not whatever Gtk theme you're currently using.
......@@ -277,6 +284,7 @@ Thanks to:
## 📰 Media coverage
- [OMG! Ubuntu]( 🇬🇧
- [GamingOnLinux]( 🇬🇧
- [Phoronix]( 🇬🇧
- [ComputerBase]( 🇩🇪
- [lffl]( 🇮🇹
- [osside blog]( 🇮🇹
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